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Delightful group card & gift collection

Celebrate your friends, teammates or family.
Create a wall of messages, GIFs or photos and collect cash for their gift all in one.

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Create your first Thankbox and share it with your team to try out. Pay only once you're ready to send it.

Create a Thankbox

Why Thankbox

Keep morale high and make your team members feel extra special.
A Thankbox is a great, easy way to celebrate:

An icon representing farewells Farewells
An icon representing birthdays Birthdays
An icon representing weddings Weddings
An icon representing project success Project success
An icon representing retirement Retirements
An icon representing other occasions Anything else!

How it works

It couldn't be simpler. Just create sign  send.

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Set up your Thankbox - pick a name, background and whether you want to start a Gift Card collection.

An icon representing signing


Share it to your group or team. Everyone attaches their own messages, photos or GIFs of choice. They can optionally add to the Gift Card collection.

An icon representing sending


We send it securely to the recipient's email. They can claim collected cash as a Gift Card for any one of 100+ merchants.

A picture of money to represent our pricing


Our pricing is as simple as the creation process - it's just $4.99 per Thankbox.

That's roughly the same price as a large paper card you’d buy in a shop, but packed with all our cool extra features!

A picture of a tree to represent our eco credentials

Eco credentials

Thankbox is a better alternative to physical cards, which often aren't fully recyclable or environmentally friendly.

We also pledge to plant a tree for every 10 Thankboxes sold as our way of contributing to a greener future for everyone.



" Everyone loved it and found it super easy to use. As the buyer, I found it great. Simple and so easy to follow. "


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